I’m Alisa Afkhami [Ah-lee-sa] [Af-kar-me]

I’m from London and studied Design in London and New York and have been a Digital Product Designer for 10+ years now.

I help brands and businesses with web and app design, UI/UX design, startup branding, design consultancy, project management and art direction.

If you are looking to launch a startup, build an MVP, or to improve your site’s user experience to boost conversion, then I may just be what you’re looking for.

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Alisa Afkhami about

Born and raised in London, I studied Graphic Design at Chelsea College of Art and Design, a college within the prestigious University of the Arts London, before attending the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City. I found my first client while still at art school and I now design full digital products used by millions of users across the globe. I’ve designed ecommerce experiences that have sold products from £5 to £500,000 (yes it’s true! It was a very sparkly diamond ring) to launching an app to over 82 million users worldwide. (That’s quite a lot of people!)

Who do I work with?
Most of my clients are startups, small businesses, design agencies but I have also worked on some big brands, like Google and Virgin. Clients have been within a wide range of industries including fashion, art, finance, real estate, travel, health, education, social and food & beverage.

Every project and client is different but I start every project with these questions. (i) As a business, what are your objectives (what are you trying to achieve / solve) (ii) Who are your users? (Do you already know who they are or do you need to find out) (iii) What is your budget and timeframe? This allows me to determine the best approach for you and your business and to put forth a design proposal tailored to you.

What else do i bring to the table?
I have been working with startups, lean and agile methodology and teams for over six years now, I have also launched my own startups, built my own MVPs and played around with ideas at hackathons as well as running my own business. So I know first hand the challenges met when creating a product or bringing an idea to life. It’s hard and having the right team and people around you is what makes it possible. I aim to be one of those people. My goal is to help design products that matter and help people make a success of their own business.

Why work with a freelancer?
It’s the most cost effective way of gaining access to someone with specialised skills and expertise. No agency fees and no fancy office so the fees you pay are for my time spent on your project and not for additional overheads. It also means we can form a strong working relationship – I will always be your contact and there through every step of the project.

Why I do what I do
A few months ago I was at a friend’s house and commented on a beautiful painting hanging in her living room. She told me she had found this great new website and had bought if from there. She had absolutely no idea but I actually designed that entire site. Alternatively, booking a flight on a website you helped design or helping people have access to a doctor. These are all effects of design and designs I have created. Designing is not just about sitting in front of a laptop and creating mockups in photoshop, it’s about solving problems that can have some effect on people’s lives, whether big or small. I find that empowering.


“Alisa is an outstanding digital creative, one of the few that really gets UI and UX design. I have found her to be dynamic, professional and highly creative. She’s a pleasure to have as part of a team – self-managing, dedicated and good-humoured under pressure. Thoroughly recommended!” Chris Kinsella, Exec. Creative Director at London Design Agency, Feref.

“She was too good, she finished a two day job in one day. We were all very impressed with her and will definitely be booking her again.” London Design Agency

“Alisa was always prepared to go the extra mile, without a fuss. Single handedly running all our creative material during a relaunch, her focus and dedication on getting the job done (and done well) made her a valuable asset to our startup team” CEO at Couturelab

“I always found Alisa a pleasure to work with. Ego-free and willing to adapt but also quick to find a solution and brimming with ideas. If all designers were as professional and personable as Alisa the world would be a better place. I can’t commend her highly enough.” Richard Bence, Editor at Couturelab 

“Our team nicknamed Alisa ‘The Flash’ – she was just so quick at turning projects around! Her work was always executed to a very high standard and she was a pleasure to have on the team.” Project Manager, LBi

“Alisa is a remarkable source of talent who possesses both a well-developed artistic eye and a cool business head. During the time we worked together on a variety of photography commissions, she was able to digest broad creative briefs and turn them into concrete plans of action. Her ability to present ideas in a friendly yet persuasive manner is formidable.”Andrew Harvey, Photographer

“I had the pleasure of working with Alisa on several web projects. She really gets things done. Alisa has a rare combination of visual design talent, a keen eye for user experience, empathic project management skills and a relaxed interpersonal manner (even under pressure!) that makes her great to work with.” Jake Pyne, Web Developer