The project
GPDQ is “like Uber but for doctor appointments.” GPDQ is the UK’s first on-demand app for GP visits. Patients confirm their location, request a GP and the doctor arrives within an average of 90 minutes, to consult, advise and prescribe as needed. No more needing to take time to travel to the surgery or waiting weeks for an appointment.

My role
I was the only designer on the project working remotely with the CEO, Head of Operations and Head of Marketing. I had worked with the CEO on a different startup several years ago. They got back in touch with this project as they had just raised some seed funding, had proven the concept with a basic MVP and were now looking to redesign the app based on user feedback. They had decided to keep the existing branding but wanted me to redesign the whole app with a better user experience, while executing the brand guidelines consistently.

The outcome
An iOS app that is now live in the App Store. A responsive website to explain the app. Print material – flyers, business cards and adverts for publications such as the Mail on Sunday.



  • Website